Yesterday we released, as promised, the first 3 out of ~35 modules used in Athene2 and developed here at Serlo. These modules are licensed under the MIT Open Source license for everyone to use!

Our repository is located on our Serlo GitHub Account. As already mentioned, we released 3 core modules:

We are releasing these modules bit by bit to ensure a clean codebase, tests and good code quality. Currently, the code quality ranges from 10 of 10 possible to 9.34 out of 10 which is extremly high. Test coverage for the versioning and class resolver component are good as well, athene2-common will follow soon.


We have two major issues right now:

  • Missing docs: At this time, documentation and user guides are spreaded thin.
  • Missing tests: Test coverage is okay, but we'd like to push it beyond the 95% mark.

So now it's your turn, help us finish our goals together!
The less time we spend on docs and tests the more time we have to release more modules!