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Jahre dabei!

Über mich

About myself

I am 19 years old and am in my first semester studying Maths and Physics for a Bachelor of Education and Physics for a Bachelor of Science in Münster. My hobbies include playing the piano, playing Hockey and doing Judo which offer a fullfilling balance to working for Serlo and studying.

Becoming a teacher is a dream of mine. I feel like I can offer society a lot by educating the next generations, because good education is the foundation of a functioning community.

What I do for Serlo

I joined Serlo during the Summer Academy 2015 in the German Maths Team and have since moved to the Serlo Global Team, working on courses for International Serlo Projects. I have also been building up Serlo Music and establishing a Serlo location in Münster.

Why I work for Serlo

It is the allurement of the modern time to change the world using new technologies. These new technologies are so efficient in what they can achieve and so entraining to use, they can define our life in the future. Serlo connects these technologies with young, refreshing and encouraging minds who are exciting to work with. Serlo can improve education all around the world, directly impacting society.










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