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Aufgaben zu den Pronomen

Which exercise belongs to whom? Teste mit diesem Aufgaben dein Wissen über englische Pronomen.

  1. 1

    Aufgaben zu Possessivpronomen – Exercises on possessive pronouns.

    Fill in the blanks.

    1. This is ____ bag. (she)

    2. These shoes are ____ . (me)

    3. That over there is ____ house. (they)

    4. These flowers are ____ . (you)

    5. This is ____ child and we love her. (we)

    6. Oh no, this toy doll isn't hers, it's ____ . (he)

  2. 2

    Aufgaben zu Relativpronomen – Exercises on Relative Pronouns

    Which relative pronoun goes with the following relative clauses?

    Welches Relativpronomen passt in die folgenden Relativsätze?

    1. My mother, ____ is a teacher, gets up very early every day.

    2. The weather has been awful all week, ____ is a pity and makes me sad.

    3. This is my brother, ____ name is Harry.

    4. The man ____ I met yesterday comes from Australia.

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